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Post n° 100

For our 100(!) post, this awesome video of Arnold Schwarzenegger… God, I’d love to see him do Hamlet! ^^

Vintage tattoos

Vintage pictures of tattooed people are so awesome! Especially pictures of heavily tattooed ladies; such as Nora Hildebrandt (America’s first professional tattooed lady) and Betty Broadbent, and many more. Tattoos in that time were’t seen often on non-sailor people, and they certainly were rare among women so these ladies must have been quite something! For this reason they often worked at circuses; Betty’s first job was as tattoed lady in Ringling Bros circus (promoted as the greatest circus on earth)!

Click the links in this post to see the awesomeness!

Betty Broadbent

Nora Hildebrandt



World’s First Photograph

The grainy picture below is the world’s first photograph called “View from the Window at Le Gras”, taken and developed by French photographer pioneer Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. You are watching at a picture that was taken about 186 years ago.

Stanley Kubrick’s subway photos from the 1940s

Title says it all. 🙂

Click here to see the photo’s.

Keep it simple, stupid!

Samuel L. Jackson

The art of Des Taylor

The beautiful art of Des Taylor, a london based artist who loves the 50’s pin-up and retro style. (As anyone should! Because it rocks!)
He also is a big comic book fan, and that in combination with his love for the fifties style can only bring pure awesomness!

Check it out here.

Cheeky baby

Oh yeah, when a baby does this, it’s considered cute, when a grown man does this, he’s called a perv. 😛

Soundtrack Mix

A very good, beautiful, epic mix of different soundtracks.



A nice gallery of “Internet” stock images of the late 1990s.
These images were meant to be used to promote “the internet”… I can’t believe they actually convinced people, but hey, why the hell not, right? They’re so campy, it’s awesome!

Click here to check them out.