100 years ago Bram Stoker died

Before vampires where reduced to sparkly fairies in the abomination better known as “Twillight”, vampires were cool, awesome, dark creatures of the night. Nosferatu, the undead, not dead but neither alive. They came at night to suck your blood!
The most famous vampire is, and always will be, Count Dracula, altough a fictional character, was based upon a real person, namly “Vlad the impaler.”
Anyhow, Dracula was the title character of a book written by Bram Stoker.
Who died on the 20th of april 1912, exact 100 years ago. To honour this monument in classic storytelling and even modern popculture, let me post the trailer of “Bram Stoker’s Dracula.” A movie made by Francis Ford Copolla (The Godfather) in 1992… exactly 20 years ago. (I love it when dates like that add up ^^)

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  1. Countess Das

    ooh….. i have this movie with me…. love it…

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