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Movies by clothes


Hell yeah, its awesome

Movies get cartoon make over

Ernest Zacharevic interactive paintings !

Beer review 02 Tripel Karmeliet

Ok second beer and yet another tripple

Sorry for that,

but i like my beer a little but stronger!

this one i bought because i like this beer !

it’s 8.4 golden/yellow beer, pretty swell, seems like a normal pint to me.

The first thing i noticed was the smell, a bit lemony and fruity, not the smell of a over industrial made beer like jupiler and stella !

its a 33cl bottle, so plenty to drink, first taste … this is why i love belgium beers !!!

its so smooth drinkin, at first you get a lot of bubbles on your tongue and if you swallow it kinda stay for a few seconds bubbling there 😀

You drink what you smell is the good saying here, kinda fruity kinda hoppy, does taste like bit stronger beer but swallows like soda

I think if it wasnt this strong you’ll be drinkin this for regular beer , because the tast is far more superb than a normal pint .

the thing that you’ll notice soon (faster than the other one i did) is the alcohol, it seems that this beer is goin faster too your head, kinda get a little buzzzzzzz after 1 beer for a litle while , kinda how i like it. not a beer recommended for heavily drinkin. More a beer you drink for the taste, loving life and such 🙂

I will try to put a score on this , but knowing that this is one of my favorite beers it will got good points : 8.5/10

I would say, buy it !! settle down on a quiet nice looking place, open it drink it and enjoy !!


Coca Cola add

New Coca cola add with fun animation in it !

If you ever need someone – family bones

Like you could tell, animation and music 😀

Divorcing in style

A parody on previously posted original proposal


Final lines in movies

I really really really liked the ending of the dark knight !

on this nice link you find the ending line + 49 more great movielines !!




Crayon dragon

Doesnt all illustrators imagine that their drawings will come to life?

Happy Food Animation

Just bcause its animation !