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Beer review 01 St Feuillien tripple

Because if there is one thing that aint overrated it gotta be Belgium beer !!

And how do we love them !

I drank a lot of different beers and will drink more ! we all have different taste but i’m gonna give you my opinion about the beers i will come across !

So first one to review is this 8.5 tripple St feuillien i have been given as a present for my birthday !!

when i opened the bottle you could instantly smell the hop aroma, first thought:…. it’s gonna taste swell !

so i grabbed my feuillien glass and filled it up. after this you get a very nice 3/5 dark yellow beer and a smooth 2/5 head. it looked tasty .

so first taste; a bit bitter, swallows very well, ain’t tasting like a heavy tripple but more like a strong beer. you cant really say it has 8.5 % alcohol in it ! so points to that !

aftertast; a bit sour, but hell…. after the first, you wonna drink more ! so i did ^^.

for a tripple it’s a fast drinker and it’s too bad i only have one bottle!

if there is a score to give, this one gets a 7.5/10

i have nothing to compare with it yet but that’s not a bad score for the first reviewed beer !

if you come across one of them, grab them, put em cold, drink it on a chill evening , and enjoy !