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Yoda vs Balrog

Coraline doesn’t like her animator

The Underwater Project

A very cool and beautiful photo/art project of artist Mark Tipple.

Click the photo to see the rest.

Le Miroir

Le Miroir from ramonandpedro on Vimeo.

Som Sabadell flashmob

Because screw your ipad, kindle or any other e-reader!

Click the image to see a bigger version of this library! (Trinity Library, Dublin)

Ernest Zacharevic interactive paintings !

Sci-Fi as pulp novels

Click the images for a bigger version!

The artist is Timothy Anderson. His blog and other awesome work can be found here.

Famous movie scenes in children storybook style

Pixar story artist Josh Cooley created a book of movie stills as if it were a children’s storybook.
Very cool indeed. Click the image to see the rest!

Original ‘The Lion King’ trailer