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Movies by clothes


Hell yeah, its awesome

A city that stops for 60 seconds every year

Happy Birthday: Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, the greatest scientist that might has ever lived was born 156 years ago.
Let us celebrate this genius.
Also: don’t forget to check out this great comic of TheOatmeal on him!

Get the F off my lawn!

Just 2 photographs of 2 movie titans

Actor Douglas Fairbanks is holding up actor Charlie Chaplin in front of crowd to promote Liberty Bonds, Lower Manhattan, NYC.
About 94 years ago in april 1918.


Final lines in movies

I really really really liked the ending of the dark knight !

on this nice link you find the ending line + 49 more great movielines !!




Time-lapse map of Europe, 1000-2005

Best seen in full screen, in the upper left corner is a time indication. Enjoy!

Before there was Photoshop

Today almost all pictures we see in magazines are altered in one way or an other. But it seems this is not something recent! Pictures of women were also altered in the 50’s! Why o why does everyone find it so necessary that we look something different than real life in pictures? Click the picture to see some photos and drawings.

PS: Mr. Kate’s blog is a really awesome blog so check out some other stuff on there!

Harlem Shuffle – Rolling stones

Old music videos are awesome


i really dig bakshi’s sense for animation like you can see in an cancelled series called spicy citie, its all in the name …



High school fashion from 1969!

These pictures are sooo cool! A lot of items look like things in stores today, but the atmosphere seems totally different to what it now is… Click on the link for more pictures!

Are those Vans?