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A city that stops for 60 seconds every year

Happy Birthday: Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, the greatest scientist that might has ever lived was born 156 years ago.
Let us celebrate this genius.
Also: don’t forget to check out this great comic of TheOatmeal on him!

The future is ours.

Security Cameras

The “great” thing about being watched all the time is that security cameras also capture the nice things and not only the crimes and painful things.

What is DNA and how does it work?

Divorcing in style

A parody on previously posted original proposal


Midnight Switch – A Boyfriend’s Worst Nightmare

And this is why, you always put on sunscreen!

Because Neil Gaiman goddammit!

Harlem Shuffle – Rolling stones

Old music videos are awesome


i really dig bakshi’s sense for animation like you can see in an cancelled series called spicy citie, its all in the name …



Happy mothers day!

(note: I’m from Antwerp, so I don’t actually see this as the real mother’s day, I consider the real one as being august 15th.)