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Movies by clothes


Hell yeah, its awesome

Movies get cartoon make over

Lord of the Rings in 99 seconds

Coraline doesn’t like her animator

Le Miroir

Le Miroir from ramonandpedro on Vimeo.

Best Joker cosplay ever!

Although I really like the realistic look of Heath Ledger’s Joker, it doesn’t resemble the actual comics Joker.
In Nolan’s movie universe a man with a big grin on his face would have collapsed big time. But nonetheless, for a realistic comic books Joker, this guy really pulls it off, in my humble opinion.

Ron Perlman is awesome

Ron Perlman visited a child in full Hellboy costume for Make a Wish Foundation.
Click on the picture to read all about it and see the rest of the pictures.


IMAX theater prepares for The Dark Knight Rises

A behind the scenes look at the projector system in the Liberty Science Center.


Progression of an Animated Shot: Gothel & Rapunzel Disney’s Tangled