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Game of Thrones – Simpsons edition

Click the image to see the Game of Thrones intro, by the simpsons!

Coca Cola add

New Coca cola add with fun animation in it !

Voice actors read Star Wars

A bunch of different voice actors that read the star wars script with the voices of their characters.

Los poder guardabosque

Harlem Shuffle – Rolling stones

Old music videos are awesome


i really dig bakshi’s sense for animation like you can see in an cancelled series called spicy citie, its all in the name …



One day I’ll get myself a butler… and by God his name will be “Niles”

When I was young and innocent, I always enjoyed watching the American sitcom “The Nanny”, now that I’m old (25… ugh) and guilty… I mean less innocent, I’m rediscovering “The Nanny” and I can guarentee you this… The moment I get rich, you can be damn sure I get myself a butler named Niles!
Why? Because he’s hilarious!

New aardman commercial

if you like reggae, you like sauce AND animation, than this is gonna be a treat to you as it is to me !

Aardman (known for wallace and grommit, and recently for pirates) made a pretty swell looking stop motion commercial about a new sauce that is called “reggae reggae”  and you’ll here a fun fact link to sublime’s song “its so nice i want to name it twice” or at least a reggae geek like me like to think that.

HIMYM Supporting Actors

“How I met your mother” may kinda have jumped the shark after 7 seasons (I mean, c’mon, the main character Ted has become a side character… and he’s supposed to meet the mother… who after 7 years still hasn’t showed up..) but this is a cool fact about the supporting actors.