Why are you so awesome?
We were born this way, deal with it.

How do you find all that content?
We have an army of 40 well trained monkeys scavering the internet.

What is the criteria for content to be posted on this site?
It has to be awesome in some kind of way.

Do you make money of this site?
Unfortunaly not, we broadcast from under the bridges of Paris.

Can I contribute to this site and become as awesome as you?
If we like you, may be, our triumvirate must agree on this. Sending nudy pictures of yourself (ONLY if you’re over 18 years old) couldn’t hurt your chances. (Does not mean it will improve them.)

Are they’re gonna be some serious questions in this FAQ?
No, not really.

Why not?
Because we can… because we’re not heroes… we’re silent guardians… watchfull protectors… dark knights!

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